Panforte Shop

Panforte in box

We proudly sell our Panforte at a variety of Cheese Shops, Gourmet Groceries, Wineries and Restaurants. Find a location near you.

If there is not a location convenient for you, order directly from us.

Panforte is a perfect gift and our gift box comes presented with vintage twine, a French wooden box and sealed with a gold medallion, making it ready to give at a moment’s notice. Treat yourself to a gift or share with friends and family at your next celebration or feast.

We would be delighted to contact your favorite cheese shop or Gourmet grocer to offer them Panforte for clients like you. Just let us know where you shop and we will try and get our Panforte close to your table and palette.


Who loves Panforte? Anyone who loves fruits, nuts and caramel will be delighted to get Panforte as a gift. If you are sending a bottle of wine or a wedge of artisan cheese, our Panforte is a perfect complement to your gift. Even athletes love our healthy, nutritious snack!