The art of pairing our Panforte is not a mystery but like an art that comes from education and experimentation. My goal is to get you on the right track and then to have you create the best flavor companions to complement Savory Spoon Panforte. You might be surprised at what you find – for instance, my son loves our Panforte with a good stout beer and a chocolate stout is even better. Make it fun and delicious.

For a cheese board, we suggest a tidbit, about the size of a bean. This allows it to be a perfect complement without overpowering the cheese.

If your gathering includes appetizers it is great with cured meats along with cheese as well.

For a true after dinner treat for the adventurous group – serve a flight of three port wines with a thin slice of Panforte.

Try Panforte with fresh berries, bread pudding or ice cream for dessert!

Whether you are pairing it with great cheese or craft beer, please enjoy it with a group of friends or family. Our Panforte will become a tradition in your family as it has in ours. Every morsel a tasty delight!

A quote from one our Chicago customers: “Holy cow!  I just purchased a wedge of your panforte to serve with an assortment of cheeses from Pastoral in Chicago.  I’m blown away by how delicious it is!”